Supporting time-honored methods of sustainability.



Throughout the world, indigenous people have developed, over a long period of residing in their place, a collection of skills and practices that have allowed them to live sustainably. Without such interaction, people lose sight of the value of nature and begin to consider it optional or, even worse, unnecessary. We are spreading this idea through speaking engagements, classes, and our Dawnland Gathering event.  

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Sustainable harvest

Wild leeks and ostrich fern fiddleheads are wonderful wild food and medicine. The problem today is that these plants have been discovered by commercial collectors and when money is involved, collectors often prioritize economic gain over long-term sustainability. We are promoting sustainable harvest by bringing awareness to the consumer and teaching sustainable harvest methods.

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Land conservation

Nearly all of the northeast's temperate forests are under assault by logging operations; old growth temperate forests are exceedingly rare. We are purchasing and protecting wild lands in central Maine for humans and other life to interact in a reciprocal way, rather than exploitive.

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Clean water

In a country where much of the water is now polluted, Child's Brook is a tributary of the Androscoggin River and a source of clean surface water for life to thrive. We are protecting Child's Brook and cleaning up the Androscoggin River by demanding Verso Paper Mill to limit their pollution and improve their technology.

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