Sustainable Harvest


Conscientious foraging class
These classes teach how to sustainably harvest food and medicine. 


Wild leeks and ostrich fern fiddleheads are wonderful wild food and medicine.

The problem today is that wild leeks and ostrich ferns have been discovered by commercial collectors, people who harvest wild plants and sell them to supermarkets. While commercial collecting can be sustainable, the unfortunate fact is, when money is involved, collectors often prioritize economic gain over long-term sustainability.


Wild leeks in particular are highly susceptible to harm from some methods of collection. A study performed by Rock et al. (2004) showed that harvesting ten percent of the bulbs in a given population could only be sustainable if that level of harvest occurred once every ten years. This means that wild leeks are highly susceptible to harm from over-collecting.

To tackle this problem, we teach classes in conscientious foraging methods. We also are working on a project to bring awareness to the consumer.