protecting wild land in western maine and SUPPORTING TIME-HONORED METHODS OF SUSTAINABILITY—


Wilder Waters Community is…


A wildlife corridor and home of moose, bobcat, bear, barred owl, brook trout, and many others.

One of the largest swaths of undeveloped land north of the urban centers of Lewiston and Auburn, a major metropolitan area in Maine.

A small human community that resides on a few acres of this land who are caretakers of this land.

A hub and demo place for reciprocal conservation, a land use method in which humans and non-human life benefit from the interactions, a method based on reciprocity rather than extraction.


The land…

The first parcel we are purchasing is called ‘The Sugarbush’ for its large mature sugar maple trees, some of which are tapped in the spring for maple syrup for the community’s consumption.


the sugarbush…

…is 165 acres of forestland that we are currently purchasing at $600/acre.

We will purchase and protect this land for all life to enjoy— wildlife, hunters, anglers, foragers, hikers —and all generations.

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Bobcat Ledge


The second parcel of 250 acres is ‘Bobcat Ledge’ for the frequent bobcat tracks found on this land.

This parcel is a favorite for hikers; there is a hiking trail leading up to this stunning view of Lake Anasagunticook.

We are currently in discussion with the landowner of this parcel.


There are several more parcels (over 4,000 acres) available for sale that will be sold, clearcut and likely developed into house lots if we don’t act fast.

This large piece of forestland is a last remaining gem of Maine and it must be protected so one day it may grow into an old growth forest.

Area encircled is a rough outline of the land we aim to purchase and protect.

Area encircled is a rough outline of the land we aim to purchase and protect.


who we are…

Wilder Waters Community Non-profit is run by a community of individuals who live on a few acres of the land surrounding a shared communal house, aka Wilder Waters HQ.

Wilder Waters Headquarters

Wilder Waters Headquarters

The members of the community are a living example of a land-use method based on the ways of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.


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