Clean water


Child's Brook
A pristine tributary of the Androscoggin River and a source of clean drinking water.

Water is life.

Unfortunately, a lot of water in the United States is no longer containing and maintaining life.

The EPA recently reported over half of the streams and rivers sampled across the country were in a poor condition for aquatic life, and unsafe for human life to drink. 

Nine percent of the streams and rivers surveyed even had such high bacteria levels they were deemed unsafe for swimming and recreation. 

Our public water supplies are not healthy either and we'd argue, are not safe to drink. 

Chlorine is frequently used as a disinfectant for public water supplies and consuming chlorine has been linked to a wide variety of health concerns including certain types of cancer, allergies, increased incidence of heart attacks, decreases in female fertility, more cases of spina bifida, and depressed immune system function. 

Fluoride, which has also been intentionally added to public drinking supplies, is linked to a number of mental and physical health issues. It gets worse--pharmaceutical drugs are routinely detected in public drinking supplies.


Fortunately, the remaining sources of wild water contains and maintains life. Drinking wild water bolsters the function of our immune system and reduces allergic responses in the same way that contact with soil does. 

This is just one of the reasons it is important for Wilder Waters Community to protect Child's Brook, our community drinking water.

If the forests upstream of our purchased land are clear-cut, it is likely the stream will become polluted and undrinkable due to the decreased vegetation cover, and ultimately, unable to support life.

We are acquiring and protecting land so we can protect this vital water source for generations to come. We also are working on a project to clean up the Androscoggin River by demanding Verso Paper Mill to improve their technologies. Contact us if you would like to get involved.