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Thank you to our donors:


Anonymous, ME


Anaskimin, ME


Anonymous, NY

Maine Primitive Gathering

V F Thomas Company, ME

Sara Moore, ME


Matthew Charpentier, MA

Storimer Family, Ontario, Canada

Pamelia Markwood & Craig Neff, ME


Mare Courtney, MA

David Werier, NY


Susan & Peter Theberge, ME

Laura Wolfer, NH

Andrea Wilder, MA

Michael Rodrigue, ME

Justin King, ME

Barbara Grunden, ME

Trevor McConville, NJ


Céline Battédou, Ostfold, Norway

Wild Food Thanksgiving (2018), ME

Jan Harvey, IA

Peter Hoffman, OH

Adam Gaal, ME

Roland Simard, ME

David & Alice Haines, ME

Canton Historical Society


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