First Nations People Scholarship

The proceeds from this gathering go directly to land conservation. Please keep in mind this scholarship is for those in financial need. 

How to apply for the First Nations People Scholarship and receive free admission to the Dawnland Gathering:


Submit a short essay (2-4 paragraphs) or short video (2-4 minutes) as to why you are a good candidate for the scholarship. Please share about your family, tribal heritage, why you are interested in attending the Dawnland Gathering, and whatever you believe demonstrates your need for this scholarship. We will be looking for applicants that are eager to learn ancestral skills and if they wish and are equipped to do so, share their own cultural practices with gathering attendees.

Please send responses to wilderwaterscommunity@gmail.com with subject line: First Nations People Scholarship

If you do not comply with the easy-to-follow requests above your application will not be considered.

You are not guaranteed free entry just for applying. There are a limited amount of scholarships available.

Thank you for applying!

You will be notified via email by June 1st, 2018 and if you are not selected, you will still be eligible for the early-bird price ($225).